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body out of the storm, that is full of sharp spikes of the black iron glove, with a sharp broken wind. Fiercely against the light smashed in the past. Seems to be aware of the fierce momentum from the oncoming, it is like a lightning light and shadow, suddenly meal, the body instantly out of the way, and then is strange in the middle aged people behind the figure, the body The Certified Administrator micro spin, Fist clenched. Strength gas around, fist play out again. At the moment, the air, turned out to have heard some sound burst sound. Bang With a low muffled, Xiao Yan s fist, mercilessly hit the middle aged people after the vest, dull sound, let the crowd around. Min.d is followed by Yi Chan. Kacha Xiao Yan feet, a few cracks quickly spread Salesforce Certification out, we can see that the power of this hit, what is tyrannical. But the boy, you really think that the defense of the big The Certified Administrator it exam fighter, is so easy to break it Was Xiao Yan hit, Mo Ran s body burst of violent trembling. After a little silence, his left foot suddenly fiercely against the back of the storm kick out, while the mouth issue

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