‘BFI Film Academy – for young aspiring filmmakers’ has started

The BFI Film Academy has started with an introductory night before all the hard work begins. The BFI participants got to meet three film makers –Sam Liebmann  – Documentary Film Maker – Tinge Krishna  – Film Director and Kolton Lee – Writer/Director.

They  all shared their journey and tips to film making. ‘It was a bit overwhelming meeting such amazing film-makers…really inspiring..can’t wait For it to start..

The Academy has officially started. We had a full on weekend learning camera techniques with Husky

Who has been a director of photography for many years working on numerous productions.

We meet Sam Liebmann, Documentary filmmaker again who gave us documentary tips and helped us think through ideas.

Kolton Lee, Writer/Director ran a script writing workshop which has helped us structure our film ideas.

We learnt what we need to be aware of if we want to work in the industry, from wearing appropriate clothing to making tea. Also about the array of different film roles – there are hundreds!!

Over the last couple of weeks we had masterclasses with Sound Recordist  Ronald Bailey and Documentary Director/Producer Marina Warsama. They have us lots of advice and tips to help us with our films and how to get into the industry.


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