Mouth That Roars needs your support for OEL International!

Your contribution, however small, will help young people  internationally to tell their stories to the rest of the world. Young people gain a deeper understanding on how media is constructed and develop transferable life skills.

The young people involved learn all aspects of film making and they devise, write, film and edit their film entirely themselves with the guidance and support of MTR facilitators. These films are aired on, made into educational tools and submitted to children’s festivals around the world.

Internationally: (based on average expenditure)

A gift of £1500 will provide the budget for a weeks training by 2 facilitators for a group of young people
A gift of £2000 will approximately provide travel and accommodation costs for the facilitators
A gift of £6000 will approximately provide the budget for a short film / documentary to be fully completed.

If you would like to make a donation and want more information please call Denise or Mel on 020 7729 2323 or email You are welcome to come and visit too!

All supporters will be credited on our site and relevant film/s produced. You will also invited to attend specific screenings and MTR events.


“If we screened our film in London, we are sure they will like it because maybe they have never seen such a life” All the children, Mansouria School, Morocco

“We have learnt that one is not better than the other, it’s seeing the positive difference”
Lubna 10 yrs, Mansouria School, Morocco

“Thank you very much to you and to Mouth that Roars for making it possible to the children of Ait Iktel community to discover a new side of their identity and to experiment a new way of discovering it through film making.” – Farah, Thaqafat, Morocco.

“It is amazing to be able to share our life with the rest of the world” Ibrahim, 13 years, Egypt

“People don’t know our situation, maybe now they will see and understand more”   Mohammed, 14 years,  Al-Rasheda, Bethlehem


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