Young Roots Award – Communication!

Modern Communication: does it unite or divide us?

“… the world was big then, the world is small now … we didn’t have all the communication we have today.”

We are delighted to announce our 3rd Young Roots Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund is underway!

This project will enable twelve young people to participate in an intergenerational, cross cultural film project that will explore the history and heritage behind today’s digital communication. Participants will explore this fascinating history through inter-generational activities between young people, their families and elders in the community.

Activities will include museum visits with The Postal Museum, The Telegraph Museum and The Science Museum, archive research with the BFI Archives, oral history training and interview techniques, a summer residential and accredited participatory film making. The group will produce two educational DVD’s and host a series of screenings and local community workshop in the autumn.

Follow our intrepid explorers as they journey through time – from the first cabled messages sent to the British Empire from the coast of Cornwall, through the role and influence of a world class postal service, to the futuristic ambitions of wearable tech and digital implants!

Follow our journey!                                                                                                                           


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