Hackney Giving supports Co-Facilitator training at MTR

A group of young people at MTR are being trained to be the next co-hort of Co-Facilitators, which is a Peer Mentoring Programme. Each year we train approximately 12 unemployed young people as Co-Facilitators. This year the programme has kindly been supported by Hackney Giving The young people’s main role will be to support other young people who attend MTR’s activities.

‘I have learnt about discrimination, safeguarding and lots of games to help me Co-Facilitate’ Chris

‘I’ve enjoyed seeing personal growth, becoming more confident and feeling more comfortable to communicate with others’ Shannon

Training activities include:

Young people’s role as a Co-Facilitator will include:

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Most recent sessions the group have explored Child Protection (Safeguarding) and procedures. They also worked with current MTR Co-Facilitators, who carried out a technical training exercise with them. This enabled the group to understand their role in more depth and at the same time develop their technical expertise.

‘I really enjoyed learning about safeguarding and how to handle certain situations’ Julianna

‘I really enjoyed learning about discrimination because it’s a very important topic’ Ransford 

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The group have also gained a great understanding of Anti-Discriminatory practice- Discrimination and Anti-Discriminatory Practice -Sharing warm ups games-games-technical re-cap – Role as a Facilitator and MTR’s Ethos.

Recently the group had intensive camera and editing training. Soon they will be starting their volunteering on sessions, where they will get hands on facilitating experience.

The volunteering sessions have started. Each young person has to support on at least two of MTR’s regular sessions.This is where they all get hands on co-facilitating experience.IMG_9549.jpg smallIMG_9559.jpg small

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