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MTR has a regular film night running on Tuesday evenings from 5 until 8pm.  Funded through Hackney Council’s Your Children and Young People’s Grant and The National Lottery Community Fund. Offering film activities for young people with special educational needs.

What we do…

Every week we can…

It’s all free, including snacks and refreshments

Some of our previous workshops:

We have just had a guest speaker come in – Russell Pointer from Pointer Films. Russell talked to us about his career in animation and the journey he’s been on. ‘He was really inspiring to hear about his life..”I think his work is great…got some great advice’


We have been working on our own soap HackneyOaks Part 2 – Watch out for it on soon. The recent election prompted us to produce a short film about VOTING. Some of us also received our BFI Film Academy qualification-Preparing to work in the film industry’



We have been to London Film Museum ‘ It was fantastic..I learned about storyboards and saw lots of props. It was also great to see the BFI on the Southbank’ ‘ I made new friends and got to know others better..’ 10/10






Year 1 – Christmas Screening – What a great way to end the year! Lots of food,games,gifts, watching our films and an Xmas feature!


MC’s Tony D and Locksmyth came to our workshop tonight to help us write some spoken word for our Christmas film. ‘It was great. I didn’t think I could do it’ ‘Was a lot of fun’Loved it!! ‘We were all engaged, a real collaborative effort’



Christmas filming on location ‘It was great to be out filming on location’ ‘Enjoyed every minute of it..’


The night has got off to a flying start. Already two short films have been been produced. The group have  also watched feature films chosen from our large selection of films stored at MTR. “Have already made new friends” “Really enjoyed debating…”

“Loved watching a London produced film.I want to make something like that”

“I’m looking forward to making a film based on reality..our own experiences”IMG_9568.jpg smallIMG_9565.jpg small


This week we learnt about STOP MOTION

We created plasticine characters and animated a short piece titled ‘Misunderstanding’IMG_9816.jpg small

IMG_9823.jpg small

This week we produced a Music Video

‘I thought making a music video was hard, I’ve just found out how easy it can be..’

IMG_0005.jpg small

Today we voted to watch Paddington the movie

IMG_0037.jpg small

‘A very funny film …its hard if you move to a new country and don’t know anyone…’

This session we had ago at producing  another music video using green screen

‘Its a lot of setting up but was a great experience..’

My music video, already I have hundreds of hits on youtube-  Sinkz TV

IMG_0097.jpg small

This week we produced a short silent movie

‘It was brilliant, I learnt another style of film making this week…’IMG_0212.jpg smallIMG_0205.jpg small

Today we made a short film about our lives..’I’ve gained some good skills for my CV’IMG_0217.jpg small

We  had a great day producing a film the explores the effects of bullying.

IMG_0308.jpg small

Some of us have started to attend Saturday workshops at MTR.

IMG_0633.jpg small

It’s nearly Halloween so we have decided to explore Horror, Thriller and Suspense film genres – Tonight be also produced our own short thriller and suspense film ‘It was great fun, looking forward to editing it…’


Some of us are now involved in a MTR project with the Geffrye Museum, exploring the history of radio in the home. Today we looked at different types of radio and explored various rooms in the museum that we might use for filming.

We have recently been watching lots of great movies and making short films. Five of us have also attended the MTR BFI Film Academy, a course that is designed to prepare you for working in the film industry. we meet lots of film industry people and have produced 3 films that are going to be screened at the BFI on Saturday 22nd April 22nd BFI process and Screening InformationIMG_1605 IMG_1568









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