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Celebrating 26 years of youth film making, childrens rights and participation

MTR was set up in 1998 with the sole purpose of training young people in film production who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to media resources.  Enabling young people can be in control of their narrative and the space to explore self and identity

Active participation and cultural exchange through the process of film making

An informal education approach, supporting a youth work curriclum, enables young people to critque mainstream local, national and global opinion.  MTR supports young people to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness, motivation and aims to enrich their sense of well being. By providing good youth work, that supports an experiential learning environment, this increases young people´s awareness of their community and others.

Why we use media

Film projects may require a young person to use and/or effectively develop their communication and negotiation skills, work as part of a team, take on leadership roles and responsibility, acquire new technical skills and make use of literacy, numeracy and computing skills. They will often have to make quick thoughtful decisions, negotiate their ideas, think critically about what is being produced and manage their emotional response to the feedback of others. As a result of their involvement in a creative process, which is inclusive, they will build on their feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.

 “When we get given the camera, it makes us responsible for it, which enables us to build our confidence in other situations, which makes us feel we can do other things, such as now I work in child care and I don´t think I would have ever thought I could be responsible for someone else if I hadn´t had that experience.”

“You have to work with people you might be really nervous about working with! Media makes you communicate, and this can help you in your future in a job interview and even just walking into a new space… It´s always challenging your confidence.”       

“When a young person uses media, he or she has an opportunity to produce alternative viewpoints that challenge generalised perceptions, creating new ways of seeing and being seen. Young people bring their own perspectives to creative projects, which in turn play a vital role in challenging common misconceptions about them.”

“I’ve learnt how to say my own opinions and ideas”     

“I think my ideas have been heard and I have developed skills”    

How we do it

Using good youth work practise and enabling young people from the onset to have a complete `hands on´ experience. Giving them access to equipment & control on film content through experiential learning, immediately gives young people ownership over the process & product.

No `one size fits all´, we are forever developing our workshop skills & adapting ways of learning to be diverse & as flexible to support all young people’s learning needs.

The Team

MTR has an extremely diverse team that reflect the local demographic and the marganilsed groups that they work with. The MTR team is a highly skilled, trained and motivated group. Regular training is crucial to keep abreast of societal changes. The team create a safe environment, being concious of all times of the intersectionality of all young people. Language and visual representation is key to creating a safe environment and space where young people can explore their lives and everyday lived experience.

Their tireless efforts in offering their time and knowledge to the young people of London make Mouth That Roars what it is today – a hive of productivity and opportunity.

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Some Festivals and Awards include

OEL Chennai Nomadic Community

The Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival


Ken Loach BFI ‘Between the Lines’ Competition – Runner up

Chicago International Children’s film festival

Ali’s story

Chicago Children’s film Festival

Leeds International film Festival

Facet’s online TV

Al Rasheda

Palestinian Children’s Film Festival

Tampere International Film Festival

The Legend

Leeds Film Festival

The Chicago Children’s International Film Festival

BBC Blast, BBC2


The Kenneth F & Harle G Montgomery Prize for Best Child Produced Film or Video at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (2005)

Perfect Day

Kids for Kids festival in Naples

London International Children Film Festival

BYC Rebel Youth Festival

Simply The Best

BYC Rebel Youth Festival

Jumpcut, ICA, London

Home Sweet Home

BYC Rebel Youth Festival

Jumpcut, ICA, London

The Face in the Mirror

Nominated in the Drama category at the First Light Film Awards (2006)

Our Everyday Lives Egypt

Kids For Kids, Athens

The Hamptons International Film Festival, New York

Barcelona International Festival

Blowing Up, Clerkenwell Film Festival, London

Salesforce – International Youth Media Festival, San Francisco

Children’s Rainbow II International Children’s Film, Serbia

Videotivoli/Tampere Film festival, Finland

Co-operative Film Festival, Bradford

Jumpcut, ICA, London


Kids for Kids Festival  Professional Jurers Award: Grand Prize (2004)

Youth Media Program Award at The Hamptons International Film Festival

Our Everyday Lives Morocco (Nomadic life)

Jugend Film festival, Austria


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