See Us! Hear Us! Be the Change Campaign

In Focus, a youth film project for upcoming and creative neuro divergent filmmakers is on a mission to make underrepresented voices in the industry… heard! The project is based at Mouth That Roars studio, a not-for-profit youth film and media arts organisation amplifying young peoples’ voices.
The group launched ‘See Us! Hear Us! Be the Change’ campaign at their screening and panel discussion at the Barbican last month. They believe young neuro divergent creatives should have a chance to carve successful careers in TV and Film, but in order to do so, the industry requires progressive change.
Please find the campaign below and contact Denise Rose at if you would like to know more about In Focus and the campaign.
Click on link below for full campaign details and please share!!
Here is a TV interview that tells you more about the project and campaign (32mins in)
Campaign link: See Us! Hear Us! Be the Change!!
London Live Interview

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