Winners of Youth Jury – Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF)

MTR BFI Film Academy productions –  My Mum Has Bipolar wins Youth Jury FIRST prize at the Chicago International Children’s film Festival (CICFF)

‘The film is an inspiration. The good relationship Holly has with her mother; we know that it has not been easy for Holly over the years but we are inspired by her positive attitude and her patience.  What is most impactful is the end of the film. We see Holly’s strength and resilience. We understand her perspective and appreciate her kindness and endless empathy toward others in need. We feel her determination to turn a difficult situation into a positive one. She is such a terrific role model to young people. It is incredible that such a simple, humble story can make such a tremendous impact. Film is such an opportunity to affect others. Congratulations !’ Kathleen Beckman, Manager, Facets Children + Youth

Award Certificate 2016 – My Mum Has Bipolar (Youth Jury)

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The Festival is the first festival of children’s film to be honored as an Academy Award® qualifying festival. Winners of the Festival Juried prizes are eligible for consideration at the annual Academy Awards®.

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