Young Roots Award – Communication! Premiere Screening

Modern Communication: does it unite or divide us?

“… the world was big then, the world is small now … we didn’t have all the communication we have today.”

We are delighted to announce our 3rd Young Roots Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund is underway!

This project will enable twelve young people to participate in an intergenerational, cross cultural film project that will explore the history and heritage behind today’s digital communication. Participants will explore this fascinating history through inter-generational activities between young people, their families and elders in the community.

Activities will include museum visits with The Postal Museum, The Telegraph Museum and The Science Museum, archive research with the BFI Archives, oral history training and interview techniques, a summer residential and accredited participatory film making. The group will produce two educational DVD’s and host a series of screenings and local community workshop in the autumn.

Follow our intrepid explorers as they journey through time – from the first cabled messages sent to the British Empire from the coast of Cornwall, through the role and influence of a world class postal service, to the futuristic ambitions of wearable tech and digital implants!

Follow our journey! We have started our research process, first having an Oral History workshop with Roger Kitchen ‘

‘I learnt a lot about interviewing skills..’ 9/10 ‘I thought it was very interesting including learning about interviewing skills and also discussing about questions on communication’

We have been reviewing and critiquing other films with the theme of Communication – this is to help us explore ideas for our own films…


We have recently visited The Postal Museum, where we have learned all about the history of the Royal Mail and the impact its had on how we communicate today ‘I had no idea about how important the letter has been…’


We took a trip to Cornwall to visit The Telegraph Museum which tells the fascinating story of the dawn of the age of worldwide communications from the very first global network to the modern day web of fibre optic cables. We also  had a workshop, where we made a Morse code circuit ‘I really loved this, trying to get it to work…and I did in the end..I know how to send a message on Morse code too now…’

We have been really working hard over the summer – filming lots of interviews with older people talking about the methods of communication they used as young people and what they use now – really interesting stories of sending letters home to Jamaica and receiving telegrams during the war period.


We have been busy scripting and creating  inserts  that illustrate some of the journey.

We have been working with animator Lucy Byatt to create some animated inserts.

We are learning so much about the history of communication and how different methods have shaped the way we communicate with one another. ‘I’ve enjoyed hearing different views about how people have used different types of communication and their opinion on modern technology and how we use it’.

We have finished all our production side of things, one of our last filming days was filming at Mount Pleasant sorting office. We are now planning the screening of our two films @ The Postal Museum February 25th – Please let us know if you would like to attend Communication Screening

Film Teaser



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