How It Started:

In 2003 Mouth That Roars piloted a Peer Mentoring Scheme whereby we recruited & trained young people, who had attended our workshops previously, as Co-Facilitators. It proved to be so successful that we have continued the scheme to date. At present we have 10 trained Co-Facilitators working with us at MTR.

Why We Are Doing This:

  • To give young people employment opportunities
  • To enable young people to develop leadership skills & gain more confidence in participating in new programmes & within new groups
  • To have a team of young people who can help develop MTR, who are regularly consulted on the development of MTR
  • To give young people who wouldn’t ordinarily be given this opportunity, a chance to develop skills that can help them in their future

Co Facilitator role:

To work alongside MTR Facilitators and support the planning, delivery and evaluation of film and media workshops with children and young people in a variety of youth settings.

Main Duties

  • To plan and prepare training activities, as agreed with the lead facilitator.
  • To undertake all project work in line with MTR Company policy and Co-facilitators Project Guidelines on practice.
  • To refer all group work or behaviour issues to the lead facilitator.
  • To attend regular training and project meetings, as necessary.
  • To ensure that projects evaluation forms are completed after each session.
  • To ensure that all appropriate paperwork is completed and handed in for processing i.e. timesheets.
  • To help young people to explore new ideas and ways to film, rather than getting them  simply to follow the methods that are already used on television
  • To ensure that participants remember to get the basics i.e. Outro’s, Cutaways & Sound Bites.
  • To check sound levels and address any technical issues with the lead facilitator.
  • To ensure that all tapes are labelled accurately with workshop title, group & date (and any additional relevant info).

Young people who go through our training programme are now an integral part of projects run by MTR.

The young people receive training in:

  • Co-facilitator role
  • Basic Youth Work skills
  • Safeguarding
  • Anti-discriminatory practise

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